About Us

O.V.S. VILLELLA has been founded in 1975 by its actual Manager Peppino Villella as an aeronautical welding company.

The company's high level reliability allowed to enter important sub-supplier markets getting confidence and appreciation by its customers, which are some of the most important in their respective activity fields.

Improving the production ability during the years, our main areas activities are:


O.V.S. VILLELLA is certified for execution of welding of: carbon and stainless steel, Aluminum-alloy, Titanium alloy and Nickel alloy.

The Company is certified by NADCAP for welding (according to AC7110/5 and AC7110/4), non destructive testing (liquid penetrant AC7114/1, magnetic particle AC7114/2, X-ray AC7114/4), chemical processes (AC7108/8, AC7108/11, AC7108/12) and laboratory tests (AC7101/1, AC7101/5).

We are qualified by some of the most important Aeronautical Companies like LEONARDO COMPANY, SONACA, THALES ALENIA SPACE, GE AVIO, BOEING, LIEBHERR etc.
O.V.S. VILLELLA is certified by Italian Civil Aviation Authority (ENAC) for maintenance according to annex 2 (PART 145) of the CE regulation 2042/2003.

The Quality management system of O.V.S. VILLELLA is approved according to the UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 and UNI EN 9100:2009 (AS9100/JISQ9100) specifications  for the following kind of processes and services:

- Welding construction of structures and components in stainless steel,  light alloy,  titanium and nichel alloy.
- NC and traditional machining from 3 to 9 axis, of which 5 axis continuous.
- Non-Destructive tests (magnetic particles, liquid penetrant inspection, X-ray)
- Toolings design and production.
- Surface treatments.

O.V.S. VILLELLA is able to offer a complete Design-to-build project workflow, starting from raw material, handling both aspects of design and in-house construction.
O.V.S. cooperates and collaborates with its Customers in case of new projects.

Production area consists of 5.800 covered SqM. An area of 6.000 SqM for new buildings is available close to the main factory. All of them on a total surface of 27.000 SqM.

Supplier Area